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“Lina Saavedra as the heroine Elsie Maynard, ... gave [a] particularly impressive performance...”   


John Manning, Herts Advertiser


“The performance by … soprano Lina Saavedra…was absolutely stunning.  Philip Salmon as Nero and Lina Saavedra as Poppea gave brilliant performances as the two lovers…”   


John Manning, Herts Advertiser

“... (the) portrayal of Weill’s music rang very true, giving us pace, stylish nonchalance, alternating with quick-thrust humour and pathos.  The three lady stars of the evening – Louise Mott, Lina Saavedra, Michelle Wright - gave a brilliantly sarcastic portrayal of Poor Jenny who created havoc by ‘Making up her mind’ too often.”


Jill Barlow, The Observer

“But for me the star of the show was Lina Saavedra as  Ilia.  Her voice is stunning and her characterisation was quite brilliant.”


John Manning, Herts Advertiser

“… Lina Saavedra, who impressed me [as Ilia]… with her versatility on stage and the sheer flow of her voice, emotively pulling at the heart strings throughout and sustaining high notes most beautifully.  …a sign of a particularly good production [is] if it opens well, and it certainly did with a most confidently sung, long aria at the beginning of Act One…  Alone on stage, she filled it with her presence and lovely voice, making the space her own.”


Jill Barlow, St. Albans Observer

“… Armida - a gleaming presence in Lina Saavedra…”


Andrew Porter, Opera Magazine

“…it was the 1711 cast which stole the honours, especially impassioned accounts of Armida [from] Lina Saavedra…”


Duncan Hadfield, Music on the Web

“She [Saavedra] was particularly strong in Act 3, where her Donde lieta usci was direct and simple, and the more moving for it.”


Oliver Tims, Opera Magazine

“… soprano Lina Saavedra playing the part of his [Amahl] mother with great flare and emotion.”


John Manning, Herts Advertiser

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